Monday, July 30, 2012


Back in the day, my sister had an Olympic themed swim party one summer.  It was a full blown event.  They made flags and had crazy races in the pool, the whole deal.  Along with that, my mom made them medals.  And really, when I say my mom, it was in actuality most likely me.  I've been my mom's stand in crafter since birth.  But "she" used this red, white, and blue ribbon and had mounds left over.  She gave it to me a few years ago.
When I was little I had a fixation with ribbons, my mom had to sew them to all my clothes.  I'm not sure I wore anything without a ribbon until I was seven or so.  At least.  Consequently, I have very formed opinions on ribbons.  I have really high standards on ribbon.  And this ribbon; it hardly qualifies as ribbon.  So I stuck it in my basement and thought I would never use the ugly wannabe ribbon. 
On one of her visits, my mom spotted some ridiculous gold fabric in my sewing/guest room closet.  When my MIL moved she gave it to me; I'm pretty sure it's leftover from a costume.  It's everything you would imagine gold fabric to be.  My mom totally made fun of me for it.  It's quite flashy.  For anything other than a costume it would be beyond over the top. 
Well, I just found a use.  Not only am I using the gold, I'm using the ribbon.

Ta-da.  Gold medals for the kiddos.  The girl went to an Olympic themed bday party last week and came home with a plastic gold medal.  Its been a hot commodity and the kids have done really well sharing.  Then today I remembered the unusable fabric and ribbon and hit the sewing machine.  A few minutes later I had three gold medalists in the family. 

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Audrie said...

The ribbon was stiffer than real ribbon and perfect for the purpose as you can see! I'm sure you have plenty leftover for next time.