about me

I'm Amanda, here are various facts about me.
I'm a stay at home mom to three kiddos.  Right now they're all on the younger end, so my quilting is pretty much naps and bedtime.
When I'm not quilting and not momming, I'm probably reading or watching dorky movies with my husband.  Or chick flicks without him. 
I'm from California (Fresyes) but am a happy Colorado transplant.
I started college as a genetics major but was more interested in how people handled life with genetic surprises than with the mechanics of it so I switched to Human Development.   Kinda a bio/psych/ soc kinda thing.  Bit of a "mom major" but I use it all the stinkin' time. 
I like to use food coloring a lot. 
We letterbox.
I'm a bit of a grammer snob.  It drives me crazy when I spot a mistake in a book. 
I have three older brothers and one younger sister.
I win word games.
No one will play taboo if my sister and I are on the same team. 
I'm team jacob.
I used to substitute teach, I totally loved it.  Especially being in the middle school.
I blink in pretty much every picture of me ever.  No really.  Every picture.
I wear necklaces so that I feel more presentable.  It's all smoke and mirrors; there's usually something from a kid smeared on me.
I root for the boy with the bread.
I like colorful.  Life is exciting, it ought to be in color.
I like crunchy peanut butter.
I'm a hand quilter.

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