Thursday, June 25, 2009


Personally I find it a little distasteful to switch to applique-just sewing some stinking triangles over the white stripes. But it may come to that. I showed Nathan my triangles a week or so ago and it surprised him. I showed my mom and she compared it to the Winchester lady who was crazy and thought she had to keep building to stay alive. In my case it was that I'd have to keep sewing triangles. It looks that bad. For some undetermined reason my triangle halves are not consistent height, which is some serious wrench action. It will really mess me up. So I am contemplating applique. I would be able to just bust it out. I have the white and the squares all cut. I could sew them together with very little effort and then come back to the triangles feeling like I've made progress rather than being up against a wall. Thing is though, I think piecing would look amazing and be so awesome and fantastic. But applique would speed up the process...I'm seriously thinking about it. It would go much faster and I would be able to really do some sewing. And this monstrosity could then be reasonably finished by Christmas at the latest, it makes September twenty-fourth seem like it might be almost attainable.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Slow Going, But Progress Nonetheless

Last night I cut triangles for over two hours, like two and a half really. And I have the right sides of the pink triangles cut. Just the right sides. I'm thinking another two plus hours and I could have the left sides cut too. Of the pink that is. I haven't started any other color yet. But it's progress.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Current Thoughts

I would still like to have this done by September 24, but it may not happen. But really I still would kinda like that. I've been cutting out the triangles and man is it obnoxious. They are just so small and so numerous. I really dread doing it.
Also, after a recent mutual, I discovered that I've got some skill with puff paint. My instinctual puff paint reaction was essentially "ugh," but being significantly older than my last encounter with puff paint the result was pretty impressive. Trying to make a wide line with puff paint is never very easy, but I'm now more open to the possibility of fabric paints for the lettering, 'cause really if it said "Double Letter Score" it would just be awesome.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


So September is fast approaching. I commented to Nathan that I really need to get with it or this will be Christmas rather than birthday. His expression gave the impression that he thought even Christmas was a stretch. Consequently I stayed up late last night prepping triangles. My goal tonight is to get to the point where I can sew a stinkin' triangle. So essentially I have learned that proving I can do something is a big motivator for me, I can only imagine what my textbooks would say about that; some kind of little sister complex probably.