Friday, June 12, 2009

Current Thoughts

I would still like to have this done by September 24, but it may not happen. But really I still would kinda like that. I've been cutting out the triangles and man is it obnoxious. They are just so small and so numerous. I really dread doing it.
Also, after a recent mutual, I discovered that I've got some skill with puff paint. My instinctual puff paint reaction was essentially "ugh," but being significantly older than my last encounter with puff paint the result was pretty impressive. Trying to make a wide line with puff paint is never very easy, but I'm now more open to the possibility of fabric paints for the lettering, 'cause really if it said "Double Letter Score" it would just be awesome.

1 comment:

Amber Goodman said...

"Halfway down aisle 10, on your left" comes to mind, haha. Fabric paint at Michael's. They also have these fabric markers - no idea how well those would work.