Saturday, June 6, 2009


So September is fast approaching. I commented to Nathan that I really need to get with it or this will be Christmas rather than birthday. His expression gave the impression that he thought even Christmas was a stretch. Consequently I stayed up late last night prepping triangles. My goal tonight is to get to the point where I can sew a stinkin' triangle. So essentially I have learned that proving I can do something is a big motivator for me, I can only imagine what my textbooks would say about that; some kind of little sister complex probably.


Steve and Jenna said...

Yes. I was raging and promised to send you the first picture when mom said that you said I wouldn't be able to write on the cake but should buy letters instead!

Amanda said...

I didn't say you couldn't but I did suggest buying those nasty letters no one actually likes. I thought they might be easier to center and make the same size and be less aggravating.