Monday, November 30, 2009


There are only thirty unquilted squares. I will totally get this done. The kids are pretty good about not climbing on me or the quilt during Sesame Street. Between that and quilting at night it's been moving along. But only thirty left. That means also that I can take a little breather from quilting this weekend.
Once all the square are quilted, there is still the matter of finishing it. It shouldn't be too terrible, but it is a king (CA king as a matter of fact) size quilt. Just that length of the sides means it will take a while to actually finish. A couple nights at least. I have to trim the edges and then fold and pin it all. Then sew it. With my new machine that part will be a breeze. The hardest part will be finding room on my desk to maneuver it.
Expect more excited updates.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Coming Right Along

I haven't counted lately, but I'm approaching done with squares. I just needed more opportunities to work on it, so the other day I asked Owen if he thought he and Lily could handle it if I quilted by them during Sesame Street. He thought they could and he was right. So that's an extra hour a day that doesn't depend on Number Three and I staying up late.
There has been definite progress.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

No More Books

Mom and Jenna loaned me a book. And since I'll be getting Christmas presents together before too long, I thought I should read it in order to return it. Well now I've read it.
And while I've read it I haven't been quilting. I'd read it for like thirty minutes telling myself that I was waiting for the kids to fall asleep so I could go upstairs and get all the quilting stuff without all the noise. But really, it's not all that much noise. I could totally go get it.
So, tonight I will not read. I will only quilt.
(I have been predominantly quilting. I've actually been watching the Jonas brother's disney channel show while I did it. The first episode I tried to watch was so bizarre I couldn't make it through it. But it's grown on me. I'm all out and I'm a little bummed. I'll have to find some more random stuff on instant netflix.)