Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The One Without a Quilt

First up, I finished my brother's pillow.  I made a simple envelope back, nothing high tech.  It's just the cover, for a 14" pillow form.  I figure my brother can procure his own pillow form and I can ship it for cheap. 
Thing is I don't have any 14" pillows in my house.  The closest I have are the zebra pillows I made for the loft.  It's a jungle theme.
We can fake it, so no worries.  Here it is, a disguised zebra pillow.

I'm just about done quilting the star part of the big star for my mom.  I'm a bit undecided on how to quilt the surround.  I don't want to quilt it within an inch of its life, I'm thinking that I may pseudotie it.  Which in Amanda speak means I'm thinking about quilting Xs every now and then to make sure the thing stays in one piece. 
When that's done, I have a plan for this little stack. 
But first, I have a twin sized bed quilt to make.  My youngest doesn't have a quilt by Mom.  He's the one without a quilt.  His sister has a purple quilt I made a couple years ago.  Big brother has a planet quilt I made last year.  And teensy man has squat.  Of course he has a baby blanket and a few strays he's adopted, but he doesn't have his official quilt from mom.  It's gonna match his brother's. Seeing as big brother's is right there on the top bunk, I need to get with the program. 
The project stalled in the cutting phase when I realized the more green I bought didn't match.  Not even well enough that I could just do it and know that I was the only one who would ever know.  So I had to make another trip to fabric mecca.  And that just didn't happen. 
But a couple weeks ago I finally did it.  It's all cut now and ready to go.  I'm hoping to get it done by this winter.  It's a lot of hand quilting.  I think the last one took a couple months.

ps I added an about me page up top, ya know, if you're curious
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Steve and Jenna said...

I love the little stack. Just saying...

Amanda said...

i knew you would. It's destined to be a baby girl quilt with butterflies. Have a baby girl and you've got dibs.

M-R said...

Ha ha, I bought that planet fabric to make my son a quilt with it too. But then we did Bottled Rainbows. Sooo, if you need more, let me know. I love the colours you chose to go with it, Amanda!

Marsha Cooper said...

Pillows are fun to make.
I am wanting to try quilting a whole quilt by hand....just need to get the quilt even started for it.
I can't decide what I want to do next.

Sara said...

Your little guy is going to adore his quilt;)

Sarah Craig said...

Cool pillow! And have fun with that planet quilt - looks like it's going to be a great quilt! Whoop whoop!!

Bronwyn Beazley said...

Cute little POW pillow - I would totally go the cheapo shipping option too. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF. :)