Friday, July 13, 2012

Quilt Field Trip

It wasn't a very far field trip, but after dragging this little quilt around my house and finding no good lighting, I decided to take it outside.  This was a first for me; I'm allergic to grass and the idea of walking in grass and putting a quilt on grass has always been at odds with my grass avoidance instincts.  But it looks good, I may have to do this again.
I started with the throw it on the grass method.  Turns out we have high points in our grass; I totally had to smack some parts down to make it lay mostly flat.  Who'd have thought?
It caused a bit of a head-scratcher when it came to getting my robot shots.  Every single wrinkle on the "metal" shows up.  Stinkin' grass.  Maybe the throw it on the grass method has a caveat about weird fabric.
With the back, I so didn't even care if it was flat or not.  I mean really, it's the back, and in this case hardly a masterpiece.
 I got my shot of the stripes specifically, and then I started seeing what I had in my backyard.
 Doesn't it look good on a swing? I'm majorly loving this shot.  It's just cutesy.
 And I really like how it looks hanging off the fort.  You can't see too much of the quilt, so maybe the folded up hanging shots should be reserved for certain quilt patterns, but still, I'm loving hanging this quilt off things. 

This was also my first machine quilted quilt.  And honestly, probably one of not very many.  I really only see myself machine quilting again if it's some kind of timing issue.  Of course though, I couldn't let this one finish with no hand quilting.  The inside of each square is hand quilted with the third color not in the square.  Meaning I used blue on the center green and white square.  I just like hand quilting.
This quilt's off to join the others in my shop.  Next up, the big star for my mom's guest room.

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Kat said...

I love your quilt! I also have challenges with where to take photos, and they often end up on the play fort :-)

I'm the opposite from you with the quilting... most of mine is by machine but the look of hand stitching is so nice, I keep trying to convince myself I should do it more.

I hope you're not itchy and swollen from the photo shoot!

Amanda said...

I love how it looks off the fort! An LQS in a town I previously lived in looked a little bit like brought back happy memories. :)

Allison said...

haha, what we won't do for a good quilt photo, hey? hope you didn't suffer too badly for your trip out into the grass - I've had the same lumpy grass problems when trying to get pictures, and usually give up and hang the quilt over the railing of our tree fort :)

M-R said...

I love your sense of humour, Amanda! At least your grass is looking green, unlike ours. Love those colours and photos. So glad you tried machine quilting. It gets easier with practice. :)

Susie at ProsperityStuff said...

Really cute! The things you said about the grass made me laugh ... I've never been one to throw the quilt in the grass, either. Or the snow, for that matter. (Maybe I need to broaden my horizons when it comes to quilt-photo-shoots! I might try the clothesline, for starters ...) Nice job, & great addition to your shop!

AlyceB said...

Ugh, I hate grass too. Wouldn't say I'm allergic, but it does irritate my skin and makes me all itchy! I avoid contact as much as possible too!
Anyway, onto the lovely quilt... It really does look great hanging off the fort! The wood shows off the colours beautifully :)

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Love the field trip!! The shots on the swing and the fort are brilliant!! Stick to that and avoid the grass ;)

Laura said...

Lovely bright colours!

LynCC said...

Hey, great photo shoot! Love the fort pic. This is a really fun quilt. :)

Quiet Quilter said...

I like the metallic look, and really like the way you displayed the quilt. Nice.