Monday, July 9, 2012

Be Honest

I'm still putting the binding on my machine quilted baby quilt.  There is totally a place that bunched up.  I see it and it looks awful, but for my first try and considering I was using a regular presser foot, I tell myself it's not as bad as it looks... maybe.
Sometimes I see a quilt that supposedly has a flaw and I totally can't find what the blogger is talking about.  Other times, I can only find it if I hunt for awhile.  Other times, yeah, it's pretty obvious.  So I'm gonna show you my bunchy quilting and let you tell me how bad it really is.  I tell myself that the look will change after I wash it and maybe it won't all be so noticeable.  Anyway, seriously, how noticeable is it?  [and I don't mean the general tug of fabric, I know that's pretty clear :) ]
Did you find it?  'Bout the middle of the shot, where blue and polka dot are above white and blue.

In other sewing progress, a few weeks ago I bought my first charm packs.  I usually like to pull my own combinations rather than use a fabric line.  This fabric was so my sister that I couldn't resist.  I planned on using it for a baby girl quilt for a someday niece.  Realistically, that niece is at least a year away, and the fabric was calling my name, so I totally stole it for my mom. 
When I sent my Gma the birdie quilt, my mom pointed out that she didn't have a quilt made by me.  Noted.  My mom's house has a guest bed with bedding that is, shall we say, less than cute, so that is where the quilt from me will go.

I'm making a giant star and it's going really quickly.  I have to add fabric to the sides but then the quilt top will be done.  I had thought I was getting a creamier white for my surround, but whatever, it is what it is.  The brown is left over from the Scrabble quilt.  Considering how much I don't do brown, I've ended up using scrabble scraps a lot.

I've got another project in the works, too.  A sister-in-law was in town when my mom got her dislocated hip goodie bag.  Thankfully, my SIL doesn't need a walker bag, but apparently she did need a book purse.  After a pic text consultation, she chose Donna Parker in Hollywood.  (I read this one and I so don't have a problem gutting it.  Seriously a page was missing and I didn't even notice, the editing was so bad throughout the rest of the book.) Anyway, so I'm thinking the big floral to go with the Hawaiian Hollywood theme of the cover.  But the polka dots are a nice color match.  Does it matter?  Should I just go floral?

Thanks for letting me ask you.  Getting opinions from more than just my husband is one really nice aspect of blogging.

And check it out, I'm being featured over at Quiltstory today. 


Susie at ProsperityStuff said...

As for the machine quilting question, I'd definitely wash it before worrying any more ... my guess is, it'll get less noticeable when everything "scrunches" a little after washing.

And I love the big star quilt; I'm sure your mom will, too!

Looking at the narrow brown on the star quilt (and the narrow white on your Scrabble quilt), it occurs to me to ask: do you have any suggestions/tips for how to do the tiny sashing/border? Is tiny strips of fabric easiest? Piping? Ribbon? I'm thinking about making a crossword puzzle quilt, which might involve a lot of little bordered squares ...

felicity said...

Yeah you can see it but it's not fatal. I wouldn't change anything. But I *would* invest in a walking foot. Your bunching situation will be magically resolved. Seriously.

I've popped over from Quilt Story - loved reading all about that fabulous jungle quilt again!

Audrie said...

Ithink washing will ease it enough. Sounds like there is a foot that will solve the problem in the future. I would probably use the floral print to be over the top tropical. Your husband is color blind - I'm just saying!!!

Amanda said...

This is true. Occasionally the girl gives pretty good advice, but then again she is only four.