Thursday, March 8, 2012

It Still Exists

I made a purple patchwork for Pie about two years ago-ish.  Usually it is assumed to be on her bed; somewhere beneath the Lalaloopsys, Rapunzel, flashlights, books and the ever growing assortments of things she needs.  The only time I ever really get to see it is when I change the sheets.  And I always remember how much I love it.
We've got a couple sick ones today and snuggling with quilts is top on the agenda.  Which means I get to see it.  So I thought I'd share.

 This was my first patchwork and the first "big" quilt that I didn't give away.  You can totally tell which half I did first.  I have so many squares I sewed the wrong way.  My eye goes straight to the patches of darks all together.  Especially from far away.  Eventually I figured out a system, but it's fun to see the "mistakes."
 Her room is purple with butterflies so that was pretty much my fabric theory.  To give it some more longevity, I put some pink and blues in there.  The blue butterfly is the fabric I used on her drapes.  The white flower chain is from her baby quilt.  The stripes in the next shot are her valance.  And a few squares are my mom's scraps from skirts she's made my sister.
The bird fabric, coincidentally enough, my sister-in-law was using on a project around the same time.  That fact gave me some more confidence on the robots when I was having serious doubt. 
The polka dots ended up only being on the quilt about seven times.  I used at least 17 fabrics and hunting for the polka dots occupies a little miss pretty well.
Those cute little legs in the first picture?   This is what they were up to when not sitting so cutely.  Sadly, that's my teensy man trying to steal from our +1.

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Amber Goodman said...

I think the blue birds are so pretty, and it makes the quilt look great!