Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Mom Handle

This is totally not a quilt, but it is something I've sewn lately, so here it is.
Our daughter is a runner.  As in she is one of those kids who just bolts.  Randomly.  In public places.  Like IKEA.  IKEA was pretty much the last straw for her and Dad, so we had to do something to keep her safe. 
I really hate the idea of a kid leash.  It just seems so demeaning.  Even with a cute animal backpack kinda thing it's still a leash.  Like for a dog.  My daughter shares this sense of horror.  No doubt she got it from me and my reminders to stay close or she would have to get a leash like the neighbor's dog.
Anyway, to spare her and me from the kid leash I made a Mom handle.  It's all in the name.  This child also has quiet rest time in bed during which she often sleeps.  Her baby brother takes naps. 
(that's us, me and the one called Pie)

The mom handle is basically an elastic bracelet hooked to Mom by a carabiner.  She also has a little loop she can hold on to.  It worked grand on its initial run.  And she loves it.  She got to pick the fabric and it's not a kid leash.  She is very determined to make this work; especially as she knows it's all that stands between her and a kid leash.

It's fabric tuesday over at quilt story, check it out


Mrs.Hearts said...

How useful! It's way better than losing your girl! Stopping by from QuiltStory!


Audrie said...

so funny and cute. I think you really needed one for her. Cute picture of both of you.

Amber Goodman said...

Considering we cage our kids with cribs/gates, and harness them in carseats/strollers I've never seen a leash as any more humiliating. It's just the fact that we we've never bothered to give the "leash" a less demeaning name. I'm all for leashes! We haven't bought one yet for Shayla, but I'm always thinking that I should!

Amanda said...

Glad to know our family is gonna judging us for the mom handle!

Amanda said...

Isnt gonna be. Wow. I really mistyped that one.

Susie at ProsperityStuff said...

Awesome. Super-creative, and I love that she got to pick the fabric, and that she's good with it! Definitely one of those things that's all in the name & in how it's presented.