Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Didn't See That Coming

Generally, this blog is pretty much only stuff I'm sewing, but today I have to give a little glimpse into my life for some context that totally affects my sewing.This is our last week of summer; next week, first grade.  We went camping earlier in the summer but one of our hikes was rained out.  It was the girl's favorite hike, so it was put on our summer list but hadn't gotten done.  Yesterday I took the kiddos to the mountains by myself.  Seriously, I'm not sure what I was thinking, it was pretty ambitious.  We just recently turned six, four, and two.  I tend to plan for just about every scenario so we were fine as far as the kids and everything, but we did have a total left field experience.
 My glasses broke!  Like broke.  Luckily I am far-sighted and can see well enough at distance that the two hour drive home wasn't an issue.  Reading the letterbox clues, generally processing things up close, bit of an issue.  And my hand quilting after bedtime, not so much.
Really, I maybe should have seen this coming.  Last week one of the nose pad things flew off.  Literally, it flew off.  I was actually at my machine when I happened.  All I saw was something little flying by my eye, my reflex assessment was that it was a broken needle, I was relieved that it wasn't a needle flying at my eye, but then kinda bummed as it was my glasses.   And now the ear piece.  Lamers.
phone pic, this was the last update shot my mom got

And of course I had just joined the challenge over at Amy's.    I don't have that much to do really.  I bet I can get it done anyway.  I decided to quilt the negative space in larger squares on point.  It looks super fantastic up close.  I am loving the effect.  I can't wait to get it all finished and sent off.  


Audrie said...

Your glasses aren't that old are they?

Amanda said...

Just over three years, I got plenty of use out of them. Guess i have to go back to the eye dr.