Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Next, I'll End World Hunger

The girl and I survived another week of only a napping little brother.  She's getting back into the routine of big brother off at school.  I'm even able to get some of my own sewing done now.
Saturday my husband went to play paintball and I mentioned that my goal for the week was the closet in the sewing room.  He then did a quick look to the back door.  My first thought, "oh no, are there wasps again," and then I realized he was looking at the bare curtain rod I hung a year ago in the kitchen.  Our table sits in a nook that leads to the backyard.  I had already made valances for the side windows, but the main sliding glass door was bare.  Well, if you don't count the curtain rod, that is...
And so, because I am a younger sister to three brothers, I do things just to prove I can.
One paintball excursion later: a finished valance, hung even. And a box pleat.  It was pretty satisfying to have it done; even if my little sister tendencies may have been used to my husband's advantage.
 Our living room, eating space, and kitchen are all one big room.  We've distinguished them with paint and I'm unifying them with fabric.  The curtains are all a different style (not in an obnoxious way) but all the same home dec fabric. 
I then even did some work on the closet.  When we moved into our house, four and a half years ago, I shoved some stuff in this closet.  We use it as a guest room and my sewing, so it was never really a high priority in the unpacking realm.  I mean really, it's a closet.
everytime I see a pic of this room I feel the need to paint it

But no longer.  I'm all over it.  Here are some gems I found in the closet.
  • old broken suitcase of my mom's
  • electric fan
  • bow and arrows
  • 5 pillows
  • 7 comforters (that's right 7, and I totally have more in the linen closet)
  • 7 water bottles
  • coupon for cranberry juice expired 9/1/08
  • a copy of my medical chart I took with me to have my youngest
  • one flat sheet for a bed size we don't even have
I made some serious progress.  It's now sorted into trash and not-trash and the not trash is put away.  Here's what half of the closet looks like now.  Gotta love the mile-high bedding.  (and I'm baby stepping my way to the top shelf, just know that box isn't actually full of saltines.
If you are somehow still reading, I have a question.  Should I go for it and let my mom donate towards a craigslist sewing cabinet for moi?  It's a good price, but do I really need one?  I don't think I really do.  But my mom had some good arguments; I can't really tell you or you might think we are nuts.  My husband even said it was taking it a little far even for us.  I'll just tell you the word "bone-saw" was involved.  'Cause ya know, bone-saws and sewing cabinets. Here's a pic of its quirkiness.

image 3
The sewing surface isn't the top of the unit, but it does close up to hide the machine.  And am I the only one who thinks the pull out thread storage is awesome?  But really, I'm pretty sure I'd survive without it.  Should I hold off a few years and get a more traditional one?  Or, most realistically, keep sewing at my desk forever?


QuiltyGirl said...

Nice curtains and valances!
I'm not sure about the sewing cabinet...I guess for me it would depend on the price and the potential of the piece!

Audrie said...

I can't tell much from the picture. I do get the idea a little more though. I still say see it before you totally commit.