Friday, August 31, 2012

Operation: Pillows

First a little update:  I'm about a third of the way on the binding for the big star quilt.  Last night I got all settled in to bind it but while I was looking for something mindless to semiwatch as I went I discovered netflix had more Jane by design episodes and binding did not happen!
Have you checked out yet?  That's right, Lizzie Bennet.  It's awesomeness in five minute segments.
And here's another site for you to mosey on over to.  My jungle quilt is in the contest this week at Quilting Gallery.  Check out some neat leaves quilts and vote for your faves.  Especially if one of them is my jungle quilt.  It's this one.
And now onto my finishes. 
Operation: Pillows began with the couch.  It's crazy comfy but it's that brown/green color that is hard to pin down.  The matching pillows weren't doing it any favors, and so, they were gutted.  I'm only two in so far, but I have only success to report.  The couch is officially hidden by its pillows.  The genius of a pop of color, my ambiguously colored couch has become a neutral that recedes! 
My pillows do bring up the quandary of whether there is such things as too much polka dot.  I'm thinking not, but just to be safe no more polka dots.  The fabric I have in mind for the next one is much worse.  I think my mom will regret ever passing in on to me.  It will be awesome.  My husband is a doubter, but oooh, it will epic.
I plan on also having a yellow one.  Yellow is my official out of nowhere color downstairs.  My mixer is yellow and it's the odd man out, a yellow pillow will make it officially my accent color.

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Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

I love your elephant quilt!! You have my vote!

AlyceB said...

Lol, pretty much all my "stash fillers" are polka dots and spots!! There's never enough spots in the world ;)

M-R said...

LOL - great job with the pillows, Amanda. Can't wait to see the fabric-of-reqret pillow next.

Erin said...

Great way to brighten up your couch and room. I can see some cushions/pillows in my future too. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF. :)

Sarah Craig said...

You just can't have stash without polka dots!! Love your pillows, and can't wait to see the sofa with the next pillows!! Whoop whoop!! said...

That is a comfy looking couch! It definitely needs nappable pillows and those look great!
Love the elephant quilt! said...

That is a comfy looking couch! It definitely needs nappable pillows and those look great!
Love the elephant quilt!

felicity said...

I totally voted for your elephant quilt in the contest that week - it's an alltime fave of mine!

And no, no such thing as too many polka dots. Looking forward to the reveal!