Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another Nephew

I think I mentioned my upcoming nephew.  His baby shower is in late May.  So you won't be getting any pictures of his quilt until late May.  Sorry, but I don't trust my husband's side of the family not to totally just look.  Really, my husband checked our gift registries online before our wedding reception and before our first's baby shower.  Pretty sure his brother did the same.  And I know some of them can't keep secrets.  So sorry, I can't show you yet.
But I can tell you a little about it. 
They're decorating their nursery with a jungle theme so I'm working with that in mind.  This quilt is another Amanda original and is certainly one of a kind.  Just to get you curious... I didn't measure anything for this quilt.  I just eyeballed all my cuts and didn't even use my acrylic ruler.  I used some fusible interfacing and this was my first project with real interfacing.  I used a few fabrics I hadn't used before, including one that might not really belong in a quilt.  And I tried my hand at some embroidery, I even googled a few new stitches. 
I so can't wait to show you.  This one is pretty awesome.  But it is also pretty impractical for a newborn.


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Sounds brilliant! My husband and his family can't keep secrets either!

Susie at ProsperityStuff said...

Oh, how fun! Sounds awesome. Can't wait to see it when you get to blog about it in a few weeks. (Ah, the suspense!) Thought of your "Don't Tell" blog title today, since I'm kind of blogging about a quilt project that might end up being for one of my two nephews that are due this summer.