Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thank You, Teacher

We have one in school, he's in Kindergarten.  His first year of school will be winding up next week, but today was his last day with of Speech and we wanted to do a little something for his speech teacher.  We gave her a plate of cookies at Christmas, and by her thank you note you'd have thought no student ever gave her anything.  She mentioned a couple times how nice it was to be remembered.  We made a mental note to keep remembering her. 
I'm not one for something bizarre with a teachery pun.  Much as I love puns, I love functional gifts even more.  Really, just ask my mom, she can tell you all the overly functional things I've given her over the years.
Anyway, here's what we came up with.  First off, you know those little dashes and dots and stuff in the dictionary that tell you how to pronounce words?  I was gonna embroider thank you like that on a dish towel and wrap a loaf of homemade bread.  'Cause really, who doesn't love bread? (dietary problems notwithstanding) 
So I was all set to get moving on Plan A, when I discovered my dictionary didn't have those symbols.  So of course I called my mom and made her look it up in the dictionary I grew up with.  Turns out the long A in thanks doesn't have a symbol.  The only symbol in thank you was two dots over the u in thank you.  Like a happy face.  My mom can also tell you that I hate happy faces.  I just do.  There goes Plan A.
Next I thought I'd put "thank you Mrs. Carrasco."  I wanted her to have a perpetual thank you from us.  I called the school to double check was she a Mrs. or a Ms.  They weren't sure and couldn't decide.  I could have just made a decision one way or the other, but I've met some Ms. and Mrs. who were offended when called the other one. 
Plan C then formulated. Just her last name.  I thought about just Thank you, but I wanted it to be just for her, not a ten for a dollar teacher gift kinda thing.  So it's just her last name.  The S is a different color as it's the sound my guy was working on for much of the year.

it's about 3" by 7" or thereish and was tied up with a matching ribbon

We wrapped a fresh baked loaf this morning and I saw it safely to his classroom.  It's up to him to get it to her in one piece, but we did cover the Dos and Don'ts of bread care.  Here's hoping.  If nothing else she'll still have the towel.


Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Perfect....hope it arrived safely...LOL

Audrie said...

It looks great. She will love it. Yes, I was wondering what would happen to it after he took it to school.

Amanda said...

He did great! The bread stayed at his cubby and was unharmed.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Amanda it looks great! I giggled reading your process and I agree functional is best and it's nice to give something so personal
:) (hahahahaha!)