Sunday, May 6, 2012

Denver Quilt Fest

I went to my very first quilt thing this Saturday.  My husband and kiddos came along, they are troopers. 
Walking around the exhibits, I was surprised how much was applique.  There were a lot of art quilts too.  My daughter kept pointing out which ones weren't blankets and therefore didn't count as "quilts" to her. 
Everyone did pretty well until we got to the vendor booths.  We weaved our way through the booths and one path took us toward the exit...which the kiddos tried to leave through.  We corralled them back and had to explain many times that we weren't leaving yet.  The surrounding ladies were quite amused. 
On our next loop, my son started shouting, "Mom! Mom! I found the exit!  We can go!"  Again with the amused ladies.
Speaking of the other quilt ladies- I kinda expected them to all be older than me, but I was surprised that I was so much younger than even the young crowd.  I guess there aren't many quilters in their twenties.  While I was chatting with a vendor about her fabrics, she told me she tries to stock for young people.  We then talked about the age bias toward certain colors, but it was pretty funny that the booth I was drawn to tried specifically to cater to young quilters.  I guess she was doing a good job.
I got some fabric, of course and am already dreaming of the quilts I'm going to make.  I can't wait to cut into it.

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Audrie said...

Great fabric. Can't wait to see what you do with it.