Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pie's Purse

Our daughter is turning four soon and may or may not be coming into more Lalaloopsys.  Her current storage system is a rubbermaid-esque tub that she can't actually open by herself.  Consequently, it's pretty much open all the time and clothes and shoes are all over the place.  Her tub isn't very big.  It was her brothers old hexbug tub before he outgrew it.  She needed/(will soon need) another place to stash her loot and a way to cart it around while holding a doll or two.  I had a bunch of HSTs left over from the zig zags and so she and I spent naptime making a Lalaloopsy purse.

 If you aren't familiar with Lalaloopsy lore, they are "rag dolls who magically came to life the day their last stitch was sewn."  They have button eyes and X belly buttons.  Their mouth is a little running stitch smile.  I've always thought they were cute and was excited when my girl fell in love with them last year.  (thank you toys r us catalog)

here it is with Berry Jars n Jam in her party dress
Anyway, with that style as a guide I tried to add a few stitch details to the bag.  There is big top stitching along the sides and front flap and X stitches where the strap attaches. I used purple floss on the side with the purple zig zag, pink by the pink zig zag, and a tealy light blue along the edge of the flap.

 (only pic I got of the back, terrible lighting I know, the sun was setting...)

The closure is a simple loop.  I thought about other things, but it's for a four year old so I went with this.  I made the big button from some decently sturdy interfacing I had left over from another project.  It's pliable enough that she can smash it as much as she needs to, but sturdy enough that it will bounce back to shape.
She has already put her extra dresses and shoes inside and it works great.  Mission accomplished.

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Audrie said...

Love this. I'm sure she is loving it too.

Susie at ProsperityStuff said...

Really cute - and what a great idea! Sure to be loved and enjoyed!