Thursday, April 5, 2012

Excuse Me?

Yeah.  So can we talk Half Square Triangles for a minute?
This was my first time really using half square triangles.  I even used that check-me-out-I'm-so-smart-and-cool method of piecing, the one where you sew the two squares together twice then cut them apart and voila- two HSTs. What can I say? The festival was calling me.
 Here's essentially the design I was going for.  Nice chunky zig zags,  I was thinking three of them.  I was pretty satisfied with the look, I even started thinking of various homes for this one.  (is it quiltstalking to give someone a quilt for absolutely no reason other than you think it would go with their room?)
 Then I started sewing them together.  Did everyone but me know just how much seam allowances devour HSTs?  My chunky zig zags are turning dainty.  Dainty!  I told my husband the tale of woe and my disappointment.  His response, "don't you do this every time?"  And then I thought, yes, I do always have a moment of antagonism toward my quilts.  So then I got over it.  Hurray for my husband.


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Brilliant! The dainties are still gorgeous! Go chunky next time :)
Husbands are the best, mine also has an amazing ability to always make me feel good about my quilts - and yes I flounder every time too!

p.s.phyllis sews said...

I am so impressed with all those triangles coming together just right! Very cool!