Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Really, Every Time

Every quilt has a point where I really don't particularly like it.  Even Secret Quilt #1, which is a favorite.  Right now I am so there with Owen's quilt.  I'm about half way done with Step Three and I'm not feeling it.  I'm hoping that this is just my standard antiquilt phase and I'll like it better soon, but I really think it's the fabric.  Owen loves it and that's really the important part.  It's just not my color scheme.  I'm having another sewing day today while Gma plays with the kiddos, we'll see if I end up with pics and you can see what I mean.  Start thinking up reassuring comments in the meantime.

update: No worries.  I laid it out to determine block placement and discovered that I do like it.  It really happens every time.  I should just go with it by now.  I am afraid though, that one of these days I'll make a quilt that I end up hating.

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I think I fixed the comment issue.