Monday, June 6, 2011

Coming Soon

Grandma Cindy is with us for awhile and she's key in my goal.  I want to have Owen's quilt ready for him this winter.  I hand quilt, which takes some time, so I need to get his quilt top ready.  My goal is to have his quilt top finished before Gma leaves us for California.  I got a little done on it already while Luke napped and Gma played with the others.  I got step one blue and green done.  The quilt pattern is pretty simple, but it's a multi step process.  See?
Step Four isn't really a step, it's pretty much just the result of Step Three, but about seventy or so Step Fours sewn together make the quilt top.
My square in step one is the planet fabric that matches the drapes I made in the boys' room.  The rectangles and small square (step two's square) are solids in colors from the planet print. 
The little I've done is looking good.  I don't think I've ever sewn anything with so much dark fabric, but it's for a boy and I it totally goes with the planet scheme of the room.  (The planet scheme being the glow in the dark planets hanging from the ceiling.  The pic's old, but the planets are still there.  Luke has since moved in and they have a new big dresser.)
As I know a certain youngest is concerned for my youngest, don't worry, Luke's quilt has not been forgotten, it's just lower priority as he is over a year away from sleeping on the bunk bed.  He will have his own planet quilt, it's fabric is even already mostly cut.
So here's hoping I have a quilt top to show you soon.

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