Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Big Reveal

I have a friend who was pregnant and they didn't find out gender.  I wanted to make the baby a quilt, but turns out I don't do gender neutral.  So I made two quilts; one for each possibility.  And it was really fun.
The baby was a boy and this is what we gave him; we call it the monster quilt.  The lighting's a bit weird, it's not really that wrinkled.
 The quilt is a bunch of circles that I appliqued and did a blanket stitch around.  I used high loft batting so that it has a really good poof.
There are three different monsters in the mix.
Blue with googly eyes,
 cute little green guy,
 and my favorite, the cyclops.  I think he just looks silly.

 But what if they had a girl?  Here's what she would have gotten.  The safety pins are just holding it until someone has a girl and it becomes completely finished; you'll see in a second.
 I used a fancy ribbon ruffle on the edging.  As a former ribbonaholic, I thought it was a nice touch.
This blanket used more scraps from Lily's blanket, especially one that the Mom in question had pointed out as liking.  And, my first ever fussy cutting.  (meaning cutting to get a specific part of the fabric and not just space efficiently)  I cut out little houses, one for each side in blue and pink.
 Eventually, this quilt will go to a baby girl.  The middle is blank until she has an actual name.  The general idea is below, but seeing as I did that on my computer and not in fabric it's only the general idea, for visual people.  In reality the letters will take up more of the center block and likely be made from the same fabric as the little squares for continuity.  It will looks lots better. 
Now all I need is a little girl to give it to.

(and Mom of B2, we are totally planning on making a quilt for him.  We were thinking monsters or the equivalent of robots in squares.  Or something traditional, we're letting you dictate.  Think of it as a commission.  But don't worry, if we don't hear from you we'll just use his room's paint color as inspiration and go from there.)


Amber Goodman said...

I'm sure I'd love anything made by you. But I'll let you know that I'm definitely not a fan of anything puppy dog/monkey/teddy bear. I guess all the soft cuddly stuff. I'm shocked by how much of that there is! (I mean, who's buying it?) If there were more monster/dinosaur type stuff then shopping for a boy might actually be fun. Robots are great :)

Amber Goodman said...

Oh, and monsters too. Great positioning with the circles on the alien quilt.

Audrie said...

Is Amber having a boy? I'm sure they love the monster quilt. wow, the competition begins for the girl quilt. Love (and yes, you would have LOVED) the ribbon trim.

Steve and Jenna said...

Well, I'll work on getting Lindsey for you. However, should I have a boy, I want to now officially vote for him to get the monster quilt pattern. I love it even more on closer reflection.