Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bit of a Standstill

I haven't made as much progress this week as I could have. A couple nights ago I took a break from quilting and read. A brother-in-law who shall remain nameless inspired me to reread twilight and new moon before the movie comes out.
The next night after that I was so tired that I went straight to bed. And again last night. Lily has been waking up around six. Sometimes before six. Not so great for a pregnant lady who sleeps about as comfortably as any pregnant lady. Really, it felt early when she was waking up at seven. So, until Lily's gut let's us sleep again, the quilting progress will be slowish.

And as far as the counter on the side: I've done more than it says. The deal is that counting them all is a pain, so essentially I'm forgoing counting. I may update occasionally, but I'm not counting every night. I think I've done over thirty, somewhere around forty maybe. I get nine squares in my giant hoop and I think I've moved it four or five times.


Mary said...

So what do you mean by quilting the squares?

Amanda said...

i'm quilting around each of the squares, the places where you would put a letter. There are 225 total. I'm making progress, but I'm also tired all the time, so not as much progress as I would like.