Friday, July 10, 2009

Here We Go

So sans triangles this thing is sewing itself. I'm already nearly done with the third row and that took maybe two hours. It's happening.
Thing is though, my machine. It's all fine and good, but on a big project it can get aggravating. For some reason the tendency is for the thread to break. I've tried all the troubleshooting things, bobbin tension, thread tension, different needles, but to no avail. Usually it's not an issue, I just rethread and kept going. But right now it's bugging me, I'm fantasizing about the singer machines at Target. But really it's just a quirk and I'm not in the mood for quirks right now.
It doesn't in anyway diminish the quality of the finished product or anything. In fact the only way anyone but myself would ever know would be to take the entire thing apart and look at the seams on the back of the quilt top; which would be crazy so I think I'm safe.
But it's coming along. I'll have to post pictures soon. It's even starting to look like a Scrabble board.

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