Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me

Technically five years is still a couple weeks away, but Nathan gave me my present early; a Singer Esteem II. It's amazing. I sewed a row in half the time if not better. I keep bracing myself expecting the thread to break soon. It's still instinct to expect it, but I know it's not coming and that's very exciting. And it's so quiet! There's no thunk when I raise or lower the foot. It's really very exciting. One of Nathan's main reasons was that a non-quirky machine would make everything go so much faster and I could finally be done.
And now what will become of my old machine? We're thinking about pawning it off on Mary to take to BYU to have for fashion emergencies. Basically we eliminated everyone else based on three reasons:
1 you are either crafty enough that we figure you need a real machine some day
2 you are either so unmechanical that we figured you would some how disrupt the Earth's spin with that machine
3 you don't live anywhere near us and I'm sure not paying shipping

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