Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fractions and Shark Tents Don't Mix

I got all my squares cut last night. I cut while watching Monster-in-law of all things, an old recommendation of Aunt Ann's. It had it's moments, but all in all, I'd have been fine missing that one. Anyway, next up was the white for the betweens. But it was late-ish for me and I didn't trust myself to cut this one; the measurements got cloudy and I was thinking that I must have done the math wrong. So I'm now trying again and still having no luck. Part of the issue is that I'm trying to figure this all next to two kids having a great time in the shark tent laughing hysterically. Nothing so terrible in and of itself, but coupled with the fact that I'm trying to convert measurements in sixteenths of inches to twelfths so that I can multiple it all by a factor of six and two-thirds and then add half an inch, it all gets muddled. I'm having unit trouble I suppose. I will likely have to go metric. It really is easier for figuring, being ten based and all that, 'cause really twelve is just weird enough to cause me all sorts of problems, actually I think it may be the sixteenths. So, if anyone wants to help out...
the border is 1/16 and the squares and 12/16 (notice how I'm trying to simplify with the 16 not 3/4). I need to keep the same ratio, the square finished will be 5 inches visible, with an additional 1/2 for the seam allowances. The border needs the same extra half inch seam allowance.
I expect I'm just overthinking it, but really, unless I can get a moment to actually think this through Nathan is going to have to do it when he gets home, and I'd feel a bit like a dork. I can get as far as it's just one twelfth of five inches and then add half an inch, but .4166of an inch before seam allowances is as far as I can get before someone starts shouting and it's really frustrating me.

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