Monday, January 26, 2009

Three Days In, and Already a Problem

So I had planned on getting eight squares across, but am only getting seven when I cut. Which doesn't sound so awful, but it throws off all my figuring. I cut all the brown and I'm twenty short. I have 154 and need 174. Who realized a scrabble board had so many brown squares. Anyway, not the end of the world just a little annoyance seeing as all my fabric could be off. And then there's the debate do I cut them all and go once, it is thirty minutes away, or do I go as I finish a color and know how much more I need, lessening the chance that JoAnns will no longer carry my color. So that's where it stands now. In other news, I've washed the pink and am ready to cut it next.

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Amy E. said...

just discovered your blog and i'm working my way from the beginning (because i just HAVE to see how you worked your way through an entire scrabble quilt!). looking forward to reading more (and hopefully seeing some in-process pictures!)