Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So double meaning here: the white issue is resolved. Essentially I'm just going with half an inch, really one tenth of an inch is not a huge deal, that's what I'm telling myself, maybe when I'm poised to cut I'll decide that it needs to be .416 of an inch, but let's hope I can handle the difference.
And the second resolved meaning: I'm finishing Lily's drapes tonight so I will be all cleared to go scrabble crazy and consequently I will have pictures to post. Right now I could take a picture of my huge stack of squares, but I'm thinking that I'll hold off on that 'til I have the extra 20 brown ones cut; just so it's more ridiculous looking. Because really it's a lot of squares.
So essentially, exciting pictures to come. (cause honestly, how boring is a blog of quilting progress with no quilting progress to show.)

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