Monday, June 11, 2012

Just For Fun

My rainbow stripes baby quilt is featured over at Fiber & Fire.  Take a look and check them out too.
When you're there you may notice something, so I'll tell you a funny story to go with it.  Well, not so much a story as a fact of my life and a story.
So I'm called Amber all the time.  Like all the time.  Apparently Amanda and Amber are equivalent names.  Both were big in the eighties and just go together in people's minds I guess.  It seems some names are just like that.  My bother Justin used to be called Jason a lot.  My husband Nathan gets called David.  (I theorize that one has to do with the vowel sounds.)  My sister Jenna gets called Gina or Jenny; Jenny by those who don't wish to live much longer.  Anyway, when I saw they called me Amber I totally started laughing.  I had just been telling my MIL that I get called Amber all the time, and then, boom, Amber.  I haven't been called Amber in a while so it was overdue. 
Okay, here's the story:
I have a sister-in-law named Amber.  Before she got married we had the same last name.  When my husband and I had been married a few months we visited his family out of state.  A couple days into our visit someone called to speak to Amanda P____. (sorry, I don't post my last name; at least not until I'm wildly famous.  Although maybe I'll just go first name, like Cher or somebody.) 
So there I am, surprised someone's calling for me, but whatever, they asked for me.  So I start talking.  Turns out it's an orthodontist of all things.  She is asking me about an internship, when I realize what happened.  She was calling for Amber, not Amanda.  Good to know it goes both ways.
So what about you?  Do you have an alternate name?


Amber Goodman said...

hahahahaha. I can complete relate. Yes, I am called Amanda ALL THE TIME. But the other name I get less often is Heather - perhaps because the ending is similar.

I don't remember that happening. That's strange someone was going to offer me an internship.

Amanda said...

I'm often called Amber. Sometimes I thought it was because I had a cousin Amber, but then I'd also get people doing it that didn't know her. And I'm pretty sure that a few people have actually thought my name was Amber as they repeatedly called me that!

Misha said...

My name is Misha but many people (especially older ones) on the phone think I've said "Lisa" or "Lisha". Of course I also get Keisha, Moesha, Michelle, and many others. My favorite was when someone thought I'd said "Rebecca", LOL! Wha....??

Amanda said...

Rebecca?! That is pretty out there. Although Moesha is pretty funny. It totally makes me think of that tv show with Brandy about a million years ago.

audrey said...

My name is Audrey, and my sister's name is Ashley, so I get called Ashley all the time. Sometimes even by people who don't know my sister! :)

Audrie said...

Nathan gets called David? Tht is so weird.