Friday, February 17, 2012

Sneak Peek- The Bumper

When she heard I was making a bumper, my mom called to make sure that I knew the bumper my kids had was garbage.  She was making sure I knew that it wasn't what a bumper should be.  I knew.  Our bumper was maybe as much as 4 bucks at IKEA almost six years ago.  It didn't do much to stop kids from bumping into bars; it acted more as a barrier so their little legs didn't get stuck between the bars as much.  It still happened plenty.  Once they started kicking there were plenty of nights and naps interrupted by screams of trapped knees. 
That said, our bumper still worked essentially like a bumper, but it was 4 dollar IKEA ugly.
This bumper will be the opposite on both counts.
I'm planning two layers of high loft batting and it's so not ugly.
I laid it out the other night, and managed to piece the front the other day during nap overlap.  (Our guest is still around during the day, I moved my sewing machine to my room for now.) Last night I got half of the monsters finished.  Soon enough, I'll be quilting it.

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Audrie said...

Looks good to me. Sorry, I questioned your intent.