Saturday, January 21, 2012

The State of the Sewing Room (Don't Tell Jeremy Part Two)

While I'm in brother mode, this post's random picture is of my ninja cookies.  My third brother sent us a fantabulous cookie cutter last year.  He sent us moustache cookie cutters this year.  I'm trying to decide if I just wanna food coloring my dough brown or if I wanna look for a recipe that will yield brown moustaches.  Decisions, decisions. 

On the Jeremy Quilt Front, we have had a few developments.  First off, my brother is going international for a year.  A tropical international.  Consequently, his t-shirt quilt just got demoted to back burner.  And good thing, too.
You may recall, the last update showed this:

The current status is this:

 As you can clearly see, I've cut out out some of my white squares and some light gray and got some more of the layout in place.  Oh, and we have a pac n play on it all.  My sewing room is the guest room is my sewing room.  We will be having a guest during the day for a while and as our guest this will be his room for napping.  My quilting will be strictly bedtime for a while.  Not a problem, seeing as the bro-dawg is island bound. 
Here's a peek at what just got front burner status.  Am I the only one who is geeky excited?  I'm going all OCD on the details.  My husband tells me I must be German at heart.  I only claim Northern Europe and Scandinavia.  I don't think I'm stubborn enough to hang with the Germans I know.  Either way, this will be way over thought.


Amber Goodman said...

omg! Can't wait to see this next quilt... Dollhouse?

Steve and Jenna said...

It's for my little girl right?

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Those ninjas are incredible!! Very cool
The detail in your project is beautiful :)