Monday, January 16, 2012

Don't Tell Jeremy (Part 1)

I've gotten some of my cutting done on my brother's t-shirt quilt.  I didn't sew today, but I did clean my bathrooms and mop.  You get a little peek at the kids' bathroom because my sister's blog has a blog roll that shows the first picture on everyone's post.  So in order to keep my brother from seeing his quilt in progress, you get to see our whale. 
 You even get a little story about our whale.  I have no idea when I learned of the existence of such things.  Shortly after we were married, I saw my husband drink from the kitchen faucet.  I immediately told him we needed a faucet spout.  We never were able to find one and he didn't feel the need for one like I did.  Fast forward seven years, our kids find one in the grocery store, in the light bulb aisle of all places.  Of course we bought one.  It has taken teeth brushing to a whole new level in the kid bathroom.  The whale (when you close the underside) redirects the flow of water out its spout like a drinking fountain.  It works great.

Okay, enough about the whale, onto the quilt.

I didn't want to just slap the t-shirts together, I like to add some pizazz to my quilts.  I was planning on incorporating the extra shirt fabric, but my design really came together accidentally; I spaced when I was cutting I heart NYC.  I cut it as a rectangle.  So I went with it.  I cut the shirts to either a square or rectangle based on the design on the shirts.  I'm going to surround the shirts in 2 or 4 inch squares.  I'm still in the process of cutting the extra shirt fabric into squares.
 My layout is still pretty haphazard.  I'm pretty much throwing my squares and trying to get the distribution right.  They are so gonna be moving around as I cut more.  I already see a blue I need to move. 
Not my general style, but t-shirt quilts really only get so fancy.  I'll do what I can.


Audrie said...

Wow his wardrobe color palet really isnt that varied, is it? I think he will love this.

Steve and Jenna said...

Eww. Steve does that too. Like puts his whole head in the sink to drink from it. So weird. Kinda gross in my opinion, but I guess these boys don't have girl hair.