Thursday, December 15, 2011

Monsters Squared and a Plan

Periodically, my in-laws tell me I could/should sell quilts.  I know somebody somewhere buys quilts, but I sure don't, I just look until I figure out the pattern and then go at it.  Anyway, seeing as I do love quilting and I only know so many people I can give them to, I decided to go ahead a give it a try.  So I opened up an etsy shop
  I figure I'll quilt for fun, to try out new things, and just because, and then list them on etsy and see if anything happens.  If nothing happens I already have a home picked out for my quilts.  They will be heading to Project Linus if they don't leave for somewhere else first. 

I've never made a quilt for anyone and no one before, it was a bit of a different experience.
It started out as just a bunch of squares, but as that's lacking in the pizzaz department, I added some monsters.  I did something different for each one; three eyes, bow tie, glasses, two heads, horns, that kind of thing.

I blanket stitched around all the applique stuff and then couldn't decide  how to quilt the squares.  I thought about a few different things, but nothing felt like it really went with the quilt.  I ended up blanket stitching in contrasting thread around all the patterned squares. 
I used my first ever striped binding and really had fun with that.  I liked that I was able to place the seams just right that the joins were hidden.  It was dorky fun.

And here's a sneak peek update of the one with all the pink rectangles.  It's destined for an elsewhere home, too.  It's about half way done, it had to wait while I made a Secret Quilt.  I'll show you that one soonish.


M-R said...

Oh, I LOVE those monsters, Amanda! They are so adorable. You have a great attention to detail. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

This is so fun!! I LOVE those monsters - at first glance I thought they were printed on the fabric! I'm sure someone would love to have this :)
The blanket stitching is very cute!
Thank you for linking up to TGIFF! If you want to add a button to your post there's one here:
Best of luck with Etsy!

tink's mom said...

The monsters are terrific. Great job with the blanket stitching too. Came together well.

Kim said...

FABULOUS monsters!!!!!! Super FUN!!!!

kristyn said...

Wow that quilt is so fun!

Debbie said...

The monsters are adorable! Best of luck on Esty.

Amber Goodman said...

I am proud of you for starting an Etsy shop!!! And I totally want to hear about it when something sells. I am proud because I've been thinking about making random stuff and trying to sell on Etsy for a few years now, but still haven't. (Not that anything I make would be as cool as your quilts anyway)

I still love show Sam's quilt to people when they come over :)

Amber Goodman said...

I just noticed the new header - it looks great.

Kelli said...

I love your monster quilt.. Some little one is going to love it to pieces. I thought the monsters were printed on the fabric at first, too. Great job designing them--so cute! I am a new follower. Nice to *meet* you. :)

Heather said...

The monsters are adorable! I bet that one will sell. ;o)

I've been planning to open and etsy shop in the new year, so it's fun to see someone else going through that same thought process. You seem to have a great attitude about it. I wish you all kinds of luck!

amandajean said...

such a bright, happy and FUN quilt! you do such a nice job! i love the blanket stitching around all the squares. such a great idea.

good luck with your etsy shop!

thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!

Sandra :) said...

You are the QUEEN of monster quilts. I can't even tell you how cute I think this is! I'm so happy to have found your blog today - I think you do adorable projects, and now I *must* make a monster quilt. MUST MUST MUST. Fortunately I have 3 great-nepehws to sew for (and 2 more greats [one of each sex, YAY!] on the way in the spring) - I think old Auntie Sandra should start making monster quilts for each of them :) Can you imagine a girly and pink monster quilt?? YES!!