Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time to Decide

I'm fast approaching the moment of decision on a few things. First of: the star. Scrabble boards have a star in the middle the orients the board. I'm torn on this. If I do it the quilt then has a way that it "goes." If I leave it out any side could be the top. Next, if I do the star ought I to also do the Double Word Score type text? I think if I do the star I'll just embroider a label along the edges of it that no one will notice unless they know it's there. If I don't do the star I'll add a label to the back. As I am finishing assembly these become now or never decisions, once it's together I'll have missed the chance. SO, should I star or not? Double Word Score or not?


Steve and Jenna said...

yes on the star in the center, no on the text anywhere

Amanda said...

That's about where I was leaning. I'm favoring no text as I think it will be more Scrabblegant.