Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So Where Are These Fabulous Triangles?

I'm getting all the strips together for the triangles. It's taking a long time as I'm hesitant to sew at night. I shouldn't be worried, but it feels loud. Owen sleeps through it, I'm so not worried about him. But Lily is a light sleeper and I live in fear of waking her. Sometimes I literally tip toe past her door. She sleeps deeper than she use to, but old habits die hard as they say. So the triangles are progressing but not like lightning fast or anything. I may try it tonight just to see if it's really an issue. The other thing about the triangles is that I have to iron every seam after I sew it. I can't let it go even two seams. And it's a bit tiresome to be going back and forth all the time. But I'll see what I can do tonight.

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