Friday, March 6, 2009

I'll Have to Think About This More, But...

I may have solved the letter conundrum. (What conundrum? Think for a minute about the logistics of putting Double Letter Score and the like on the squares, to scale too.) I was looking at a JoAnn's ad, I get them in the mail, and apparently iron on letters are on sale. Excuse Me? Iron on letters!!! Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles!
Then of course I googled 'em and seeing as I'm not in the market for metallic or fuzzy the options are rather limited and not to my scale. Then my little eyes beheld what just may be the solution. There was a sidebar HP ad. And how you may ask is Hewlett Packard going to solve this?
I can print my own iron on letters. I've done it before, a la Julie Veroff. So I am currently thinking iron-on and I'll embroider around them to finish it nicely, but for now that's the plan. Maybe on further analysis I'll find some gaping hole in this proposition, but let's hope not. I'll just have to tell Nathan Lindsey not to wash it on a daily basis, but seeing as it's a quilt I don't imagine that will be an issue.
I'll have to test this method though, I don't want it to tackify my endeavor.

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Audrie said...

Yes, I think iron on letters are the way to go.