Tuesday, January 22, 2013


My poor little hustle intentions.  Sigh.  I did keep my sewing room organized.  Really.  It's really organized.  I love the gigantic space of my table.  I finished my youngest's quilt top, but it was last week not last year.  Either way, a finished top is a finished top. 
Have we discussed that I hate making the same square over and over again.  It's a big part of my quilt style; avoiding block repetition.  But, alas, this is the pattern I chose for Boy One so Boy Two's is gonna be the same.  Making it last time was a pain, I had to have everything super organized and laid out just right across the room and I had to reference the pics on my phone a million times to make sure I wasn't putting a block in the wrong order when I was piecing the top. (I'm not the only one who relies on phone pics am I? It's so much nicer than all the zillion labels I used to have for each row)
Enter the gigantic table.  Seriously, I love that table.  This was so much easier and way faster.  I have to iron the backing and then I'm ready to baste.  We'll see how long it takes.  I'm currently involved in another venture with the youngest boy; potty training.

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Donna said...

To answer your question, I also rely on phone pics to help me out! I did so last week on a quilt finish of my own. I love the bright colors of your boys' quilts!