Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Teacher's Edition

 This year, we are going crafty for our teacher.  Instead of a paper plate to hold her cookies, she is getting a book purse.  (without crumbs, the cookies will be in bags inside.)
 The main reason behind the book purse is that it's a Teacher's Edition of an old Reading and Grammar book!  It was screaming to be made into a book purse for a teacher.  No really, it was.
 I basically sewed a little bag and glued it in.  I added a little pocket and the handles are sew in with some sturdy grosgrain ribbon.  And how nicely does the lining fabric go with the whole thing?  I mean, really? 
I went back and forth on the whole actually giving her the book purse thing.  Is it more of an end of the year gift?  Are we taking things too fast?  She'll be our teacher for two years, our school does looping in the lower grades, so you can beat she's getting a bookshelf throw quilt next year.  Do other people feel awkward giving homemade gifts to nonfamily or is it just me?
Anyway, my son was all for it and seeing as she's his teacher, he got to make the final call.  On the inside cover of the book, where I done glued it together, I wrote the year and to/from, just for my own little fun.  I like having little secrets in things I make.
So here's to hoping she thinks it's neat and not weird. 


Audrie said...

She is going to LOVE it!!! I think this is a perfect teacher gift. So adorable.

Steve and Jenna said...

As a teacher I can tell you that she will be just as happy as you are that it says the year and who gave it to her. She'll think of your boy everytime she sees it for the next twenty years.

Susie at ProsperityStuff said...

That is really awesome! Nice work - sure to be enjoyed!