Friday, November 9, 2012


Yeah, not so much.  More like walking a bit faster than usual...ish. 
So my Hustle goals were:
  • organizing my sewing room to be ready for and accommodate the big table
  • finish my youngest's quilt top
  • and make a quilt for the in-laws Christmas

Well, I nixed the in-law quilt.  Their style is not mine so a stash quilt will never work for them.  So I suppose that's one goal down.  In a lame retroactive way.

Youngest's quilt top stalled while I was anticipating the gloriousness of assembling it on the big table, so it's still doable but not done.  The biggest hurdle will be block placement, I'd wager.

And the organization?  Done.  Score.  The big table is in and is way rockin' the sewing room.  Really, it's the stuff of awesome.  I am in the market for a thread rack, but I imagine between my bday and Christmas I'll be able to make that happen.

So I suppose I'm hustling of a sort.  I have one out of three two done.  Here we go, 50 days left.


audrey said...

I want one of those big sewing tables. SO AWESOME.

Kelsey said...

Being organized is so important - and I'm terrible at it!