Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Luke's Planets

I'm nearly finished with the quilting on Owen's, so I've been taking inventory of what I still need to cut for Luke's quilt.  I had run out of a few colors when I was initially cutting.  Turns out my new yellow and green don't match what I already had.  The yellow I think I can pass off in the quilt as long as it's not caddy corner to an original yellow.  The green though, not so much.  Seeing as I was planning on backing Luke's in green anyway, this isn't really too terrible a happening, I had to buy more green anyway.  Luke's green won't be quite the same as Owen's green, but the bunk beds should take care of anyone noticing.
The only down side is that now I have to cut all new green squares and rectangles as I can't use the ones already set aside for Luke.  I suppose my eventual dollhouse quilt just planted a garden.

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