Monday, August 22, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

After having been away from the infamous quilt and now seeing it again, we are torn.  Nathan says I should just go with it.  He thinks it goes with the fabrics B2's mom has in his room.  It's still maybe kinda busy, but if I make it and am still undecided I figure I'll just email a pic around and get third and fourth and fifth opinions.  I can always scavenge it into a quilt with less going on.  I am excited about all the individual elements, but as is my usual, I'm doubting the unseen final product.  So for now we are back to Plan A.  Again.

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Amber Goodman said...

I say go with the craziest plan. Something original from you would be pretty fun to get! Don't worry too much about it going with the room perfectly.

Oh, and I saw where you left the tie onesie. Thanks!